Many people, and I would say men more than women, wait a long time before seeking treatment.  The mentality is that it should get better in a few days with some rest and Advil…right?  In many instances this is true…for minor injuries.  Sometimes though, days becomes weeks, weeks become months, and yes folks…months they become years.

I’ve seen people, men and women, come for treatment years after the problem started.  Often at this point, they are hoping for the magic reset button.  Believe me if I had it you would know.  Usually at this point we can expect a lot of work needs to be done to get things back the way they were.  It takes some time to shake off all the bad habits that have developed while your body needed to move differently to avoid pain, as well as to strengthen and/or stretch affected tissues and restore optimal posture.

Generally, most things are easier to treat with early intervention.  Often a little conservative care along with self management strategies can be enough to get things back on track if initiated soon enough.

So how do you know if you’re in for a long haul or if things will just get  better quickly?

Tough question to answer but the most debilitating time period for most injuries falls within the first two weeks.  If things aren’t noticeably improved at this point, I would strongly recommend seeing your medical practitioner.  Of course, if pain and impairments are severe early on, I would recommend seeking advice/treatment right away.