If you’ve ever suffered from low back pain, there is no doubt that you now have a greater appreciation for how much you depend on your back for many daily activities we take for granted.

Some episodes of low back pain may require medical management and therapies, however what you do at home may be equally as important in bouncing back quickly.

Here are some items that may be a helpful part of your home management strategy to recover from and prevent back pain.

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Hot & Cold Pack

Short periods (10-15 minutes) of cold on the low back can help alleviate some pain for the first couple days after a back injury.  This same pack can also be used for heat, which tends to be better at managing the stiffness associated with low back pain and improving blood flow to the area.  For heat, I personally prefer an electric heating pad, which has definitely more of an upfront cost but totally worth it if you use it a lot.  The hot & cold pack will do the trick though for an easy to make survival kit.


TENS Machine

The TENS machine is designed to tackle pain.  This is a great investment for somebody who frequently suffers from bouts of low back pain (or other muscle or joint injuries for that matter).  I recommend this for those, like myself, who would rather not take pain medication.  I call this solution “Electric Aspirin”.


Exercise Mat / Yoga Mat

When you have back pain, doing exercises on a hard floor can be very uncomfortable and sometimes your bed may be too soft.  Having an exercise or yoga mat handy will definitely make it easier to tackle your back stretches and core workout.


Stability Ball

I don’t believe it is necessary to spend a lot of money on exercise equipment or machines to strengthen your back.  I do think the biggest bang for your buck comes from owning a stability ball.  There are so many different exercises you can do to improve your core stability and keep your back strong.  If you’ve never used a stability ball to train your core,  you may soon realize that it can be tricky at first and requires some level of balance.  Check with your physiotherapist to see which exercises are appropriate for you!


Backrest Support

It can be very difficult or even impossible to maintain perfect posture while sitting in a chair, especially for an 8 hour shift.  A decent backrest with adjustable lumbar support can help keep your spine in a neutral posture and minimize the aches associated with prolonged sitting (aka the new smoking).

Having some or all of these items available to you can really make the difference in your home management of low back pain.  Of course, add your physio guided active rehabilitation program as well and you’re golden!

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