In a previous article, we talked about ways to improve your work station ergonomics.  Here we take it one level further with specific ergonomic tech recommendations that will pimp your desk.  No hydraulics under the desk although that would definitely get Xzibit’s attention.  Here are 6 cool gadgets to help improve your desk job.

I would definitely recommend reading:”How To Set Up An Ergonomically Friendly Workspace“.  That post shares some specific ergonomic principles you need to know if you work at a desk or if you spend your free time surfing the net.

Click on the links below to see how much this stuff goes for on Amazon.  You will be supporting as a commission will be provided for your referral.   Your price doesn’t increase and I will never recommend something I wouldn’t recommend in my physiotherapy practice or don’t want for myself.

I want ALL this stuff by the way!

Sit to Stand Desk

Prolonged sitting or standing can be detrimental and increase the risk of injury in the workplace.  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to have jobs that require sitting or standing for close to 100% of the time.  This sit to stand riser gives you the versatility to freely remain productive while switching between sitting and standing at your desk.



Ergonomic Mouse

This ergonomic mouse allows you to keep your hand and wrist in a more natural position.  There is also the added benefit of not needing to rest the bottom of your wrist on the desk, potentially compressing your Carpal Tunnel.  It’s unique and sleek design will surely make it a conversation piece in your office.


Portable Laptop Table Stand

Laptops pose a huge problem when it comes to ergonomics.  In an ideal world, you would want the keyboard at the same height as your elbow and the top of the monitor at the height of your eyes.  This is impossible with a laptop since the keyboard and the monitor are attached to each other.  I recommend using this portable laptop stand to the laptop so that you can line up the top of the monitor with your eyes and then add a wireless keyboard (keep reading for the wireless keyboard recommendation).  Click here to see how it can be transformed into a  laptop stand for your bed, as well as other cool configurations.  Next model will have to come with the Optimus Prime option.


In-Line Document Holder

If your job requires you to go between working on a computer and reading a document or doing both at the same time, then you will likely benefit from a document holder.  Shout out to the multitaskers while we’re on the topic.  This in-line document holder is designed so that it can sit directly in front of you, rather than off to the side like most other kinds. This limits the need to frequently turn your head while you are working.  I also like that it’s transparent so that it doesn’t obstruct your view when you don’t have a document in place.  Simple yet practical!


Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

The primary zone is the distance away from your body to your fingertips when your shoulders are relaxed.  Objects that you use the most often during your work day should be inside the primary zone and other things outside this space.  This wireless keyboard allows you to freely move the keyboard wherever you need it but also put the number pad off to the side if it isn’t used often in your day.

I had the opportunity to personally try this keyboard and all I could say was: “this feels so right”.  It’s like someone actually considered the shape and natural positioning of human hand with this design.  Crazy idea, might just work!  This is also a great add on to manage the woes of prolonged laptop use in conjunction with the portable laptop stand, as mentioned above.


Heated Ergonomic Footrest

For some, if your back is well supported and your hip, knees, and elbows are are bent to 90 degrees each, your feet may not be able to touch the ground.  Most people would end up sacrificing the proper ergonomics of the rest of the body to find a chair height that keeps their feet supported.  With this heated ergonomic footrest, we can now combine the cozy feeling of warm feet with nice firm support.

I have witnessed multiple times in different offices people who have to use space heaters under their desk to keep their feet warm.  Way to kill two birds with one stone!

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