Hip Stretches (3 Amazing Moves To Unlock Stiff Hips)

Hip Stretches That Really Improve Your Flexibility

Are you looking for the best hip stretches to release those tight hip muscles?

Maybe your stiff hips worse with walking, running, or even prolonged sitting?

Could your tight hips be causing pain in your lower back?

In this article, we will reveal 3 amazing hip stretches to unlock your hips for better flexibility and less pain.

These exercises will help stretch your hip flexors, piriformis, and glutes.

3 Amazing Hip Stretches Instructions

Make sure to watch the video and keep reading for details to help you perfect your technique.

How To Do The Seated Figure 4 Stretch

The first exercise is the seated figure 4 stretch.

  1. Start off by sitting cross-legged
  2. Place 2 hands on the leg that is on the ground.
  3. Slide your hands down as far as you can towards your ankle.

You should feel this stretch around your outer hip, including your IT Band.

How To Do The Pigeon Stretch

Next, we’ll move into the pigeon stretch.

  1. Get on the ground with one leg extended behind you.
  2. Make sure your front leg is bent at the knee so that your shin is perpendicular to your body.
  3. Rest your forearms on the ground in front of you.
  4. For an added stretch, pull your rear ankle back towards your bum .
Hip Stretch - Pigeon Stretch

How To Do The Active Hip Flexor Stretch

This last stretch is particularly important for runners.  This is an active hip flexor stretch in a standing split stance.

  1. Stand with both feet facing forward and one leg in front of the other for a long split stance.
  2. Keep the back leg straight, while keeping the heel down.
  3. Shift your trunk forward by bending the front knee.
  4. Make sure to keep your shoulders stacked over your hips.
  5. Once you’ve lunged forward as far as you can, squeeze your glute from the rear leg.

The glute contraction on the opposite or

the antagonist side to the hip flexors will help provide a more durable flexibility improvement.

How Long Should You Hold Your Hip Stretches For?

One study demonstrated that total stretch time in a day was more important than the duration of each individual stretch.

With that being said, stretching dosing may be better adjusted to meet the tolerance of the person doing them.

For more detailed information on how to make every stretch more efficient and effective see 5 Quick Tips For Better Stretching.

Hip Stretching Final Thoughts

As one of the most commonly sought out areas to stretch, knowing how to effectively stretch the hips will help many of us.

The Figure 4 stretch, the pigeon stretch, and the active hip flexor stretch are all great moves for avid runners and sedentary workers alike.

These stretching exercises will help improve your stiff hips and hopefully help prevent or improve injury.

You should definitely work with your physiotherapist or health care practitioner to figure which exercises are best for you.

Please comment below, which of these exercises look like they are the most challenging.

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