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4 Simple Foam Roller Exercises That Will Improve Your Whole Workout

Foam roller exercises can be a great way to improve your flexibility, relieve tight muscles, reduce stiffness of the spine, as well as improve your overall performance of functional activity such as running and working out. Researchers from the University... Continue Reading →


11 Healthy Habits To Keep You Fit

You know exercise is good for you the same way smokers know smoking can kill them.  Simply being equipped with the knowledge of what is good and bad for you isn't enough.  The Surgeon General tried that already. I'm not... Continue Reading →

How To Host A Holiday Dinner And Not Get Hurt

This article was inspired by my sister.  She is the resident chef for all of our major family gatherings, like Christmas and Thanksgiving.  She does such an amazing job at preparing absolutely delicious mouth watering meals that could feed 20-35... Continue Reading →

5 Quick Tips for Better Stretching

Restricted or tight muscles and connective tissue can result from long periods of immobilization, sedentary lifestyles, postural changes, or with pain and inflammation associated with injury. Stretching can be a helpful way to restore normal unrestricted range of motion to... Continue Reading →

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